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Prelude Music

Background music is played beginning about 15 or 20 minutes before the wedding.

At most weddings, there is noise before the wedding from people greeting one another and being seated.  Because of this, instrumental music tends to work best for prelude because a vocalist isn't competing with the noise.  However, if there is a vocal piece you just really love and it doesn't fit anywhere else in the liturgy, this is the place to have it sung.

You'll need to choose at least 4 pieces for prelude, and then one more for the seating of the mothers, grandmothers and/or other special family members who you want formally seated.

Organ Instrumentals
        Adagio, from the Clarinet Concerto in A (Mozart)
        Air in D (Bach)
        Canon in D (Pachebel)
        Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach)
        Panis Angelicus (Franck)
        Prelude in C Major (Bach)

Piano Instrumentals (There are many of these type piano arrangements and I could play them for hours if need be.  Often a couple just tells me "Background piano music" and I make it up as I go.)

        Fairest Lord Jesus (with Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring) (Pethal)
        Shepherd of Tender Youth (G. Smith)
        The Velocity of Love (Ciani)
        When Morning Gilds the Sky (G. Smith)

Vocal Pieces

        In This Very Room (Harris)
        How Beautiful (Paris)
        Parent's Prayer
        Panis Angelicus (Franck)
        The Wedding Song
        Wherever You Go (Haas)
        When Love is Found