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Mission Statement

The Saint Martin of Tours community strongly believes that every child has many unique gifts to share.  

United by the Spirit, we assist students as they grow into their spiritual, academic, and personal best.  Our high quality, value based Catholic Education will help our children learn and follow the teaching of Jesus Christ as we bring about the Kingdom of God.

Saint Martin of Tours School Community Believes

1.  The purpose of Catholic Education is to experience the traditions and values of our Catholic faith along with quality academics.

2.  Faith formation begins at home and grows each day at our Catholic school through prayer, example, reflection, and religious instruction.

3.   Catholic Christian Service is an essential element in the formation of young people.  Students will learn to use their God given talents throughout their lives to help others.

4. Students should be given a welcoming learning environment which challenges and meets their individual needs and abilities to achieve high standards.

5.  Community provides a sense of belonging.  When teachers feel they are an integral and valued part of a community, it is reflected in their teaching.  When students experience this community feeling, they will thrive and work to their fullest potential.

6.  Instruction is the implementation of curriculum and includes a variety of instructional methods, materials, and technology to meet diverse learning styles and student abilities.

7.  Multiple and diverse forms of assessment need to be incorporated to evaluate student progress toward instructional goals.

8.  Continuous improvement is attained when there is daily reflection and ongoing feedback from peers, administrators, parents, and students.