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Vital to the evangelizing and educational mission of the Catholic Church, we are a Christ-centered community dedicated to the faith formation and individual growth of our students, all rooted in the Gospel of Jesus.

St. Martin of Tours exists as a religious institution that recognizes the important partnership that must be present with parents in nourishing spiritual development. Therefore, St. Martin of Tours faculty, pastoral staff, parents and students commit to participation in religious education, prayer experiences, worship, retreat programs and service.   

Foundational Statements of the Home, School and Church Partnership
Lighting the Way
Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Spiritual Growth:  An atmosphere in which the Gospel message is proclaimed, community in Christ experienced, service to our brothers and sisters is achieved, and thanksgiving and worship of our God is cultivated.  

Academic Excellence:  Academically rigorous and innovative environment that sets the standard for excellence, and are supported by exceptional caring adults who reflect the Light of Christ.
Vibrant Community:  Dynamic, welcoming, compassionate communities that are available to all.
Family Partnerships:  Partnering with and upholding parents and guardians in their role as primary educators of their children.
Education of the Whole Person:  Well-rounded, formation of faith that empowers students to achieve their potential and use their gifts to serve God and others.  

Global Awareness:  Nurturing the personal integrity and faith development of students that challenge them to know and understand our brothers and sisters around the world.
For questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Laurie Huff, Director of Religious Education or Mr. Jason Fightmaster, Principal.