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Announcement of Mass Schedule Change, Intention Policy Change

Announcement of Mass Schedule Change, Intention Policy Change

June 20, 2023

ANNOUNCEMENT: To the Family of the Most Holy Eucharist

Last July we made our initial Mass schedule change as we came together as a family of five parishes. Mass schedule changes are difficult and it is a ministry best practice that the schedule only change if absolutely necessary. There are circumstances which prompted us to consider another Mass schedule change. Those circumstances are:

• Impending retirements of Fr. Terry and next year, Fr. Tony.
• Acknowledgement that Fr. Jim or Fr. Henry could be reassigned at any moment, if a priest is needed elsewhere.
• A lack of ability for priests to be present to the community after Mass.
• An evaluation of Mass attendance over the past year in comparison to historical Mass attendance.

Fr. Matt requested volunteers from the individual parish Pastoral Councils to participate in a discernment process for a new Mass schedule change. The committee consisted of two representatives from each parish. At the first meeting, the committee agreed upon two options for Mass times, which were taken back to the councils for a vote. It was decided at that time, the Mass times would be: Saturday 3:30pm & 4:00pm; Sunday 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am. At the second meeting, the committee determined which parishes would have Mass at what time. The following considerations were made to determine Mass time locations:

• A Mass schedule with a future vision of only two priests in our family.
• A minimum of two hours between Mass times to allow priests to meet with the community after Mass.
• The current Mass attendance trends since January.
• Historical Mass attendance trends (before July 2022)
• The quality and vibrancy of the liturgies.
• Weekend collection trends in comparison to attendance.
• Location of Masses in the family. (ex: St. Antoninus & Lourdes proximity vs. St. Al’s, St. Catharine, St. Martins)
• Mass schedules of nearby parishes not in the family.
• The presence and involvement of children in the liturgies.

The committee deliberated for many hours on what would be best for the family and voted on the schedule found on the back side of this insert. We realize that with any change, comes an adjustment period. Please pray about this change for our family, pray for the success of the vision of Beacons of Light, and that our churches may be filled as we join together as westside Catholics.

A special thank you to all those who served on the Mass Schedule committee and to the Pastoral Council members who selected the Mass times. Your service to the Church is deeply appreciated.

Mass Intentions- We have revised the policy for Mass Intentions in the family. No stipend is required for any Mass Intention; a gift to the parish is always welcomed. There can be up to 3 Mass Intentions per Mass. With the reduced Mass schedule, an individual can only have a Mass said for a person 3 times in a calendar year. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this season of change in our Church.

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