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Communion to the Homebound

Beginning the Second Sunday of Lent, February 25th, the following procedures will go into effect in order to help our homebound ministry more effectively meet the spiritual needs of our family homebound:  

Those who bring communion to the homebound should fill out an information form (which will be provided by the tabernacle until February 17th) so that the Family of Parishes can make a list of communion distributors and of the homebound. These forms will be available by the doors of church, online (visit under the "Ministries" tab), beginning February 17. The list of distributors will allow us to know who the communion distributors are and who receives communion, so that we can create a family-wide network of communion distributors and a list of the homebound for priests to visit as well as the lay distributors.

Pyxes for carrying Holy Communion to the homebound and to nursing homes will be filled after Mass, at the tabernacle, until the list of distributors is completed. Every day, for two weeks beginning 2/25, the priest will be ready at the tabernacle after Mass to fill pyxes and get to know the Communion distributors. 

Thank you for helping us organize this important ministry and connect and serve the homebound!

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